Thursday, 31 May 2012

Photo-A-Day: June

June photo-a-day starts tomorrow, and I will be participating again.

For those of you who don't know what photo a day is; it's a fun photo challenge started by Chantelle aka Fatmumslim, back in January. All you need to do is follow the list and take a photo for each day of the month. Once the photo has been taken you can keep it to yourself or share at various places on the net.

I will be sharing my photos here on my blog and in a public album on Facebook/Trinicountrygirl/June Photo-a-Day Challenge. (an maybe flickr)

Visit Fatmumslim for the how to's of the challenge

Here is the list
Do enjoy, and stay posted.

Much love,

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Love is...

I was having a conversation with a girl friend yesterday, about a common saying about love. 

The saying goes, "be with the person who loves you, not the person you love".

I absolutely hate this saying...I hate it!!!! 
Maybe I don't fully understand what the saying is about (I hope so), because what this says to me, is be with someone who loves you and hope that you eventually love them back.

I think it's selfish, so you are to deny the person who is in love with you LOVE, your LOVE, the LOVE of another? In a relationship there is nothing that hurts more than when you love someone who doesn't love you back.

So here is my saying, "be with the person you love, who loves you back"
what love is to me
What do you think about the saying "be with the person who loves you, not the person you love" ?

Much love,

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mother's Day

One of the things I look forward to in this life is becoming a mother, to bring a life into this world. To be responsible for someone's upbringing, their safety, their health, the way they grow up in this world. To bestow on them the same type of love my mother bestowed onto my siblings and myself. There is nothing greater than the love a mother and child shares.

To all the mothers out there, I tremendously respect the role you play in the lives of  those dearest to you....your children.

Happy Mother's Day
card from ShareHolidays

Would you trade being a mother for anything in this world? What would that thing be?

Much love,

Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Month Well Spent

So the B'Day month is over *yea I'm 30* and I think I'm in withdrawal. This month has been the most fun I've had in a looooooong time. It was filled with some of the things I luv to do and some hair pulling instances, but I survived it *super woman stance* 
Queen Me
I planned, I prepared, I cried, I cursed, I drank, I sang, I ate, I ran around naked in a drunken stupor, the Mr sprang a surprise on me, I had fun at the beach, I was admired by guys, I had loads of cake, I spent time with the people that matter, I almost got a lap, but the most important thing is, I had FUN!!!

The Mr & Me
My B'Day week started with the Mr. taking me to dinner, i was pleasantly surprised, and shocked shitless when we arrived at a sushi restaurant and he was willing to try sushi. That night was a great night, a night full of wonderful surprises. 
My girls, Me & some Nylon Pools
However the star of the week was the girls lime weekend getaway in Tobago. My girls, Desta and Mary, and myself did Tobago crazy!!!!!!! 
Beaches, mini villa and pool to ourselves, free drinks at a bar, weird museum down the street, three foot Suzie (the watch dog at the villa), wine, bikinis, car trouble, B'Day dinner, gyrating by the pool, big mosquitoes, almost missing our flight home, cake, running through the rain, embarrassing moments, me hungover, tasty food, late night talks, loud singing in the car,  gyrating in a bar, not wanting the weekend to end....the list goes on and on.

This was the best 30th B'Day ever.....lmao
Below are some of the memories we captured.
B'Day Cake
The drinks
Bhagi rice cook-up with pigtail and fried plantains

The Kimme Museum
Pink Salmon

Kiss cupcakes
The Pool
Beautiful sunset
How fun are your B'days?

Much love,