Thursday, 23 February 2012

February Photo-a-Day Challenge - Day 17 to 23


One of my Fav drinks to settle an upset stomach.

Something I Hate to Do
Washing and Hanging out to dry.


A Fave Photo of Me
This  photo has a lot of sentimental value to me.

Where I Work
My Home Work Station.

My Shoes
These are planned for a special day, can't wait to wear them.

Come back for more photos in the February Photo-a Day Challenge.

Much love,

Me Creative

Whenever I discover something new I can't think of anything else but that particular thing. Over the last two weeks, I've discovered the art of digital scrap-booking. OMG...I'm in love, I have been staying up late at night downloading digital scrap-booking kits and figuring out how to use them.

The last two week has been full of mini project using digital scrap-booking kits.
~ The first was the the pyramid boxes made from a Valentine's kit from Anski. I previously posted about it here.

~ The second were origami flowers I made with printed paper from Shabby Princess Plentiful Collection.
These paper flowers are an adaption from some made by Anski. Anski's paper flowers can be found here.

~ The third and forth projects are the attempts at digital scrap-booking. I built these in Windows Paint, using two collection from the Shabby Princess (Plentiful and Festival Paper Collections)
Made with Shabby Princess Plentiful Collection

Made with Shabby Princess Festival Paper Collection

I am reuniting with my creative side, I'm very proud and excited about my creations.

Much love,

Sunday, 19 February 2012

DIY Tutorial: Pink Heart Pyramid Box

I made this box as a Valentine's Day token for my co-worker, but I see many possibilities with it. They could be made for weddings, birthdays and for thank you. Use different patterns and colours of card stock or even normal weight paper, and the possibilities are endless.

The pyramid box template I got from Simply Creative The pink Petticoat Blog and the pink hearts were part of a Valentine's Day digital scrap booking kit from the very talented Anski of the blog Cute & Cool Creations
If you choose you can a print the template onto scarp book paper, remember any prints can be used for this box. Explore your options, create and enjoy.

What I used:
White card stock
A printer
Pyramid box template (Click the link to go directly to the download)
Pink hearts image (Click the link to go directly to the download)
A scoring tool
A ruler
A scissors
A 3"x 5" clear plastic bag (or similar size)
Sweets of your choice
A hole punch

I printed the pyramid box template on the card stock. I then put the same card stock back into the printer and printed the pink heart graphic on the other side of the card stock.

Using a ruler and an old pen as my scoring tool, I scored the template along the dotted lines.

Outside of the box
 I then follow the solid lines to cut out the shape of the box.

Inside of the box
 I folded along all scored lines toward the inside of the box.

Place sweets in plastic bag and secure bag with a piece of ribbon.
Using the hole punch, I punched the four peaks of the box, and placed the bag of sweets in the middle of the box.

I then passed another piece of ribbon through the punched holes to close in the box. I added a "for you" tag and made a bow.

This is the finished product, ready to be given to a friend.

Hope you enjoyed.

Much Love,

Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Day at the Beach

Two days at the beach in a!!! I did good. This coming from a person who lived 20+ years of her life across the street from the beach, seems unthinkable. But since I moved out on my own I hardly ever get to the beach. Now, for me, two days within a week is a record. I went to the beach Last Thursday and again on Tuesday.

Last Thursday I needed to get away , relax and clear my head. For me there is no other place than the beach to do this. The crashing of the waves, the freshness of the air always puts me in a zone fit for relaxation. And on a week day, when there is almost no one at the beach if my favourite time to be there.

I packed a bag, got out my swim wear, jumped in the car, picked up my good friend Desta, and headed for the beach. We ended up at Vessigny Beach, which is on the Southwestern side of Trinidad. It was the first time I've ever been to that beach. Sadly I didn't get to take a dip in the water as it was too shallow...yes too shallow, I prefer the water above waist height. However we did get to explore the beach, relax and catch up...and that was well worth the drive.


On Tuesday, on my work stay over, at the Complex; I enjoyed a couple of hours on the beach. It was so beautiful, I wish I had packed a swim suit.
This is the Mayaro beach on the Southeastern side of the island, a beautiful beach with somewhat rough waters.

Isn't it beautiful?

Much love,

February Photo-a-Day Challenge - Day 10 to 16

Self Portrait

Makes Me Happy
Giving gift and crafting is one of the things that make me happy.

Inside My Closet



My brother's BlackBerry.

Something New
I have an addiction for fashion jewelry.

Come back for more photos in the February Photo-a-Day Challenge.

Much love,

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

A Happy Valentine's Day to all!!!

May Your day be filled with LOVE & HAPPINESS

Much Love,

Valentine's Day Gifts

Over this weekend my mind had been going crazy over an idea I've had (well I've actually had this idea since the beginning of the year). My craft bug has been biting, and I wanted to do something special for Valentine's Day.
I decided to make sweets to give to my co-workers (I hope they appreciate it). So with a couple of resources around he internet I came up with the perfect Valentine's Day token.

Oreo Truffle Pink Heart Pyramid boxes

Heart shaped cookie pops

I absolutely love these boxes. Aren't they cute?

Later in the week I'll do a tutorial for this.

Resources from around the internet:
~ The paper is normal copy paper that I printed a graphic on, the graphics are part of a free Valentine's Day kit  I downloaded from Cute & Cool Creations.
~ The pyramid box template I found at Simply Creative The pink Petticoat Blog.
~ I previously shared the Oreo truffles recipe I got from The Girl Who Ate Everything blog. (these are a big hit).
~ The Bis-Sticks recipe can be found in a previous post.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!!!

Much Love,